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Design A Dress

14 march 14

I thought I would share with you all a sketch of the dress I designed for Love Bridal. It was put forward for a competition by Eternity Bridal, a bridal design house we stock. The brief was open to all of their stockists in the UK and Ireland and the criteria was to design a wedding dress! If it won the competition, it would be made for their September 2014 collection! I was like "Okay you guys, I got this"!! In university I absolutely loved entering design competitions, so we decided to just go for it! No limits! I designed this cowl back, sheer panel with lace detailed back slim dress with a gathered front waistband. Judged by the Eternity designers, design students and brides too, I am so delighted to say it has won and will be in production this Autumn. I'm SO EXCITED! I will share more details as I get them, but here is a quick sketch for you to peruse. Any brides-to-be getting married next year? I would love to see you in this dress! What do you think?


Paul Smith in the Design Museum

18 february 14

At the end of January, RJ and I spent an hour or two immersed in the world of Paul Smith at his exhibition in the Design Museum, London. Entitled "Hello, my name is Paul Smith", it was an amazing insight into his life, from humble beginnings in a Paris hotel suite in 1976, to the company that now shows seasonally in London and Paris fashion weeks and includes fourteen different collections. It was inspiring, uplifting and motivating, showing that anyone can achieve their dreams if they just go for it and make their own opportunities. His parting words are emblazoned on a giant post-it ...  "Every day is a new beginning".


Powder Pink

31 january 14

So this week I got a little bit pink-happy with a pack of Dylon Powder Pink machine dye! And I'm loving the results so much. Pink everything! It's a fairly foolproof process, but dyeing isn't without it's woes. At the start of the month I attempted to dye a wool coat of mine. I was like it's wool! It'll dye. I was wrong. I completely ignored the instruction leaflet ("I've done this a million times") and then proceeded to wash it down the drain. Literally. It wasn't a rookie mistake, it was an I Think I Know Everything mistake. Needless to say the coat was completely unchanged, just a soggy heap of the exact same colour wool. Don't bother trying to dye anything with a dry clean only label as it's usually been treated. Lesson re-learned! So this week I gathered my dyeable items!

Do we all remember this pair of white converse style low tops I bought recently? Primark, £4. Very white, but not for long!

After a run with in the washing machine with the dye, the are now an exact ringer for the Converse Quartz Pink! Love them! I took the laces out before dyeing. The top stitching white thread didn't dye as thread is pretreated also.